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An Alcohol Gift Guide For The Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner its time to start doing some Christmas shopping and lucky for you, you can do it all in your pyjamas from the comfort of your own home with alcohol deliveries… So call it lazy or call it brilliant, either way this could just be the easiest Christmas shopping you’ll ever have to do.

Read on for our Christmas bottle gift guide that is sure to get their spirits up throughout the festive season.

Bailey’s for the coffee lover in your life! Bailey’s Irish Cream makes for the perfect coffee creamer. Silky smooth cocoa, vanilla and caramel flavors balance perfectly with Irish whiskey. A shot of it will buffer the chaos of the busy holiday mornings and works as the perfect festive pick me up at any time of the day.

It’s basically dessert in a cup, a vehicle of happiness, the crème de la crème! So whether mixed in with a cup of coffee or poured straight over ice, Bailey’s is sure to satisfy the coffee lover in your life.

Single Malt Scotch Whisk(e)yYou’re supposed to leave cookies out for Santa but sometimes Santa prefers a glass of single malt.

From newbies to avid scotch drinkers the well-rounded smooth taste of single malt will hit the spot for the perfect nightcap and your giftee will be happy receiving a bottle of this liquid gold for the holidays.

Bourbon Whiskey Maybe Scotch isn’t their preferred inebriator and Old Fashioned and Japanese Highballs are the name of the game. If this is the case, you can’t go wrong gifting one of our top three bourbon choices; Bulleit Bourbon, Canadian Club or Maker’s Mark. These exceptional quality bourbons come in cool bottles and taste as good as they look!

Rum – Nothing says tropical Christmas more than Malibu rum, taking a sip of this delectable liquid will transport you straight to a beautiful beach! So why not bring paradise to their doorstep? They’ll be busting out their tiki mugs and whipping up Pina Coladas before you can say salute!

Vodka is probably the most versatile of all spirits and can fit into any budget with ultra-affordable to top shelf premium bottles. Vodka’s clean and clear flavor makes the perfect base to many classic cocktails and mixes well with almost everything so you can’t go wrong gifting this clear spirit to your liquor-loving friends and family.

Wine is almost always a safe bet to gift and pairs well with the holidays. It’s a great way to wash down a Christmas feast.

Choosing a good wine is completely subjective but if you aren’t familiar with wines, don’t fret. A good rule to follow when choosing wine is to stick to white wine or rose if you’re going for an early gathering in the day. White’s and rose’s are lighter and easier to drink. Red wines are great for dinners with its more distinct flavors.

And last but certainly not least of our happy water gift guide, Champagne – ‘Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right,’ according to Mark Twain and we couldn’t agree more! You can never go wrong with a bottle of bubbly. (For something a little bit more wallet friendly you can opt for a sparkling wine or a prosecco.)

Bartender HireThe gift that keeps on giving! If you’re buying for a booze aficionado who’s shelves are already filled with their favorite spirits and you’re still not quite sure what to get them, send over a bartender. You can hire bartenders hourly to shake up their favorite cocktails, unless of course they prefer them stirred! What better way to get the festivities going?

We hope this gift guide made your Christmas shopping easier and we’d love to hear which choice you decided to go with. Let us know at info@theboogaloojakarta.com

Happy festive drinking!


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November 29, 2019